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About Hughes' House Bed & Breakfast

The elegant old Grand Piano which dominates the parlor is over 100 years old. Built in the mid 1870's in Boston, it was brought to Calgary, around the turn of the last century. The original family kept it until the mid 1940's when they gave it to their neighbors. That family kept it until the early 1980's when Kelly Smith purchased it in very sad condition. Today with new strings and refinished cabinet it still plays with the original 125 year old hammers. Guests are free to play this wonderful old machine and enjoy its rich sound.

After almost a century the house is still a family home but is now also a Bed and Breakfast. Guest rooms have all new appointments from paint and broadloom to period-style wall paper and big comfortable beds. The huge old claw foot cast iron tubs remain but gold taps and faux marble shelves have been added.

The 1876 rosewood grand piano presides over one end of the living room opposite the fireplace surrounded by comfortable couches and chairs at the other end. Leather wing chairs and antique mahogany and walnut furniture complete the transition to an earlier time.

We were featured in "The Crescent View" (March 2011) which is published by the Crescent Heights Community Association, with an article called "A Hughes House History" - see below.

The Crescent View - March 2011


Dr. Ralph Hughes

Hughes' House Bed and Breakfast
315 – 11th Avenue NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 0Z2
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